The New Mobile Phone Driving Law - Bluetooth Car Kits North Wales

A new law will be coming into effect from today, which aims to target those who dangerously use their mobile phones whilst driving. Since 2003, it has been illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving; however, this has done fairly little to deter people from putting their phones away whilst on the road.

The law still applies whilst you’re stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic if your engine is on. The only way to avoid this is through the use of hands-free phone devices, such as a Bluetooth car kit.

The fixed penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving has slowly increased over the years, from £30 to £100, however the fine has now doubled to £200. There’s now also the risk of your case going to court, and you may also be disqualified from driving, along with a maximum fine of £1000.

The point penalty has also doubled from 3 points to 6, which means an instant ban for new drivers who are within their first 2 years on the road. Figures have shown that there were 22 fatalities within the UK during 2015 that were caused by motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving.

Bluetooth car kits North Wales allow you to take calls and talk through a headset without your phone having to be in front of you. It gives you the flexibility to safely answer your phone, even if it’s in your pocket or perhaps in a different area of the car which would otherwise be a distraction.

If your business requires a fleet of vehicles, vehicle tracking North Wales is another beneficial investment which can make the roads safer. Not only is it an incredibly efficient way of keeping track of your drivers at all times, research has also shown that people who are aware of their actions being tracked on the road are more likely to drive safer.

Whether you are looking for a Bluetooth car kit or a vehicle tracking device, we’re able to offer you expert advice from our combined experience of 20 years within the communications industry. For more information on what services we provide, please contact us to discuss your options.