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What is Vehicle Fleet Tracking?

Vehicle Fleet Tracking is a system which helps you manage the whereabouts of your fleet, which may include cars, bikes, vans, trucks and any other vehicles within your fleet. A main feature within the vehicle fleet tracking system is location reporting but there are many others to take advantage of dependent on your chosen features.

There are 5 main advantages your company can take away with them which include:

  •         Reduced costs
  •         Improvement of driver behaviour
  •         Improved lifecycle management
  •         More efficient business
  •         Customer satisfaction

Reduced Costs

By having a vehicle fleet tracking system there are many areas where you can save money. Costs on fuel can be massively reduced by sending only nearby operators. Also, by having this system in place it will make drivers more wary of where they are going which can eliminate unwanted fuel waste, as well as, avoiding bad driving behaviours such as speeding fines and unwanted breaks.

Improvement of Driver Behaviour

By having a Vehicle Fleet Tracking System in place, it can see an improvement in driver behaviours. Monitoring driver behaviour can save money, as mentioned above, but can also lead to better time management which means a lot more than usual will get done in the workday. Monitoring drivers’ behaviours can have a subsequent psychological effect on drivers who tend to improve driving behaviour if they know they are being monitored. As well as avoiding unwanted breaks it can enhance customer relationships and lead to better staff management.

Improved Lifecycle Management

By monitoring driver behaviour, a fleet tracking system can provide information on vehicle’s performance as well as give alerts and notifications to help improve the lifecycle of your fleet. Having a lifecycle management system in place can rapidly reduce excessive costs, improve safety and allow for better time management.

More Efficient Business

By taking all of the above into account your company can go toward being more efficient. Not only is revenue increased but time is spent more effectively, customer satisfaction rises, safety is increased, and managers can gain more control over their fleets.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important, not only do good reviews boost your business, but it will ensure that they use your services again and again. By using a vehicle fleet tracking system you will be able to gain customer satisfaction as you will be able to manage your company’s processes more accurately and allow you to better manage the company’s finances.

Other advantages, as well as these top 5, it can help toward reducing vehicle theft, which can cut future costs including insurance. Insurers are more likely to provide discounts to those that are equipped with fleet tracking systems as they add extra security making it less likely that your vehicle will be stolen. As well as theft, tracking systems can give improved route planning and give you a heads up if there is an obstruction on your route adding to the safety element and efficiency of your business.

If you think your company can benefit from a vehicle tracking system that will make your business easier to manage contact us for more information.




The Advantages of Vehicle Fleet Tracking
Article Name
The Advantages of Vehicle Fleet Tracking
Does your business need a Vehicle Fleet Tracking System? Find out the top 5 advantages of why having one will boost your business.