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Using two way radios Wrexham is incredibly easy but it’s important that when you are communicating that you are doing so correctly. Whilst your business can set its own “how tos” there are some more general rules that help make communicating with your team a lot more efficient.

Take a look at our handy tips that will help you on your way to perfecting your two way radio etiquette.

Be Prepared

You may be thinking, what exactly do I need to prepare for, but this is a very important point. Once you have pressed the talk button on your two way radio, no one else in your group or team can speak or be heard – two way radios are mostly a one at a time system of communication, unlike telephones when both parties can be heard simultaneously. So before jumping the gun and pressing that button, ensure that you know what you are going to say beforehand.

If you keep hold of the talk button whilst you are gathering your thoughts, not only are you preventing your team from communicating with each other or joining the conversation but you might be preventing emergency messages coming through.

It’s also good to note that, like mobile phones, the more you use your radio the faster you will run down it’s battery.

Identify Yourself and Your Recipient

There may be a lot of people in your team and on the same frequency as you so it is important, and also good manners, to identify yourself immediately and it is also polite to get the attention of the person who the message is for before relaying the message.

Make sure to get the attention of the recipient as you could be wasting yours and everyone else’s time repeating messages.

Be Patient

Remember to be patient when waiting to hear back. The other person may be stuck in the middle of something and cannot immediately return your call. It is polite to give them a little time before re-sending your call.

Be Clear and Concise

Due to the nature of two way radios only letting one person speak at one given time. It is important to keep your message clear and to the point. This gives others the opportunity to acknowledge your message and request further clarification if they need it before you move on to your next point.

Users of two way radios often repeat messages back to each other to confirm that they have understood the whole message.

Take a Pause

When you first press the “talk” button there may be a short delay in transmission so if you go right in to relay your message you may find that the first part will be cut off to the recipient.


It helps when communicating that you have a set language so that everyone is familiar in your team. Some more common lingo that you might want to use for your two way radio is listed below.

Over – I’ve finished speaking

Say Again – Repeat your last message

Stand-by – I acknowledge your message but I can’t respond right now.

Go Ahead – I can respond, go ahead with your message

Roger – Understood, message received

Affirmative / Negative – Yes / No

Out – Conversation finished

Phonetic Alphabet

Sometimes it’s necessary to spell out important parts of your message. The best way to do this is by using the NATO phonetic alphabet, something which everyone will be familiar with.

A – Alpha I – India Q – Quebec Y – Yankee
B – Bravo J – Juliet R – Romeo Z – Zulu
C – Charlie K – Kilo S – Sierra
D – Delta L – Lima T – Tango
E – Echo M – Mike U – Uniform
F – Foxtrot N – November V – Victor
G – Golf O – Oscar W – Whiskey
H – Hotel P – Papa X – X-ray




Two Way Radio Tips
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Two Way Radio Tips
Take a look at our handy tips and etiquette guide that you should follow when using a two way radio to ensure that you are communicating clearly.