Understanding Fleet Management -

Getting your head around fleet management and GPS fleet tracking systems can be quite a difficult, daunting task. There are a variety of misconceptions regarding fleet tracking systems, which detract from the obvious and proven benefits that they bring to any company with a fleet of vehicles used on a regular or daily basis.

You may think that you do not qualify for fleet management solutions because you aren’t using enough vehicles. However, no fleet is too small to benefit from a GPS tracking system. As long as you have two or more functioning vehicles then you qualify for fleet management solutions. A larger company running 5000 vehicles can see the benefits just as much as a smaller company with 2-5 vehicles.

You may think that making such a substantial investment could negatively affect you financially, but it is proven that these solutions begin to pay off within the first year. Efficiency is drastically improved, which in turn saves money on fuel and maintenance costs. The investment is worthwhile, with each piece of hardware and software gathering vast amounts of data to be analyzed daily, and provide the company with invaluable information.

This information does not come from “spying” on your employees, as some would believe to be the case. Granted, the negative feedback from employees and management about fleet tracking systems being installed is not uncommon; it can come across as if top level management does not trust their valued employees. But these systems are put in place to make everyone’s working day as easy as possible.

Some systems are more complex than others and gather far more data than some. This all depends on exactly what is needed by your company. Some systems simply track vehicles and routes, while others will allow you to gather information from the on-board computer about an employee’s driving techniques.

As you can see, there is no need to feel daunted or pressured by a GPS fleet tracking system. The benefits clearly outweigh any negatives, which can be easily debunked with some research and from seeing the results from various other companies systems.