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Bluetooth Car Kits North WalesBluetooth Car Kits

Have you ever found yourself with your hands full when your phone is ringing near you? With a Bluetooth headset from D J H Communications Ltd, you can answer your phone without having to have it in front of you.

Depending on the headset that you purchase, the range you need your phone to be within changes. Some headsets offer the flexibility to answer calls when your phone is in your pocket, whilst others allow you to do so whilst your phone is in another room altogether. For free advice and assistance when buying a brand new Bluetooth headset, please contact us.


Supply and installation of hands-free car kits

D J H Communications Ltd are experts when it comes to in-car hands-free kits. We can supply and install a wide range of hands-free devices to ensure that you’re safe on the road when driving, fully fitted from £160 (+VAT). We also supply a wide range of self-installation kits.

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Mobile In-Car Entertainment

We’ve teamed up with Mischen to offer the very best of in-car entertainment systems, including headrest systems (touch screen monitors), wireless chargers and WiFi systems.

Working alongside the most prestigious of vehicle brands including BMW, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, Mischen offer a dynamic and contemporary range of products and services – focusing on rear seat entertainment and infotainment.

To find out more about their range of products and services, visit the website.


The 2017 Mobile Phone Driving Law

Hands-free car kits are a solution to the new law which was implemented earlier this year. Road users which are caught using their mobile phone whilst driving will now receive 6 points on their license, which is an automatic ban for new drivers. Find out more on our blog.


Is your office in a coverage black-spot?

If you’re a Vodafone customer and you find yourself in a situation where your coverage is limited at your office, we can help. Vodafone Sure Signal is a technology that allows you to boost the coverage of up to 8 devices at any one time.

Furthermore, if you have a fairly large team, Vodafone Sure Signal will allow you to register up to 32 Vodafone contracted phone numbers. All you need for Sure Signal to work is a power outlet and a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 4.13mbps.

Get in touch today to get your mobile back in business at the office.


Phone Cases & Batteries

Whether you’re looking to protect, enhance or modify your mobile, we sell a wide range of phone cases and phone batteries at extremely affordable prices.

Phone cases are a great way of adding a fresh image to your phone as well as offering extra protection at the same time; whilst new batteries are a great way of bringing your phone back to life without having to replace it.

Alternatively it may be useful to purchase a spare battery so that if you’re ever out and your phone battery dies, you always have a backup battery ready and waiting.